The plant protein that beats meat

Bring the beast to the party!

Great taste with good conscience

Call us crazy, but we think healthy food that doesn't mess with mother nature should be 1: Easy to cook, and 2: Tasty. And not just: "Mm, that's nice", but more like: "OMG-WOW that just blows my taste buds!". So we figured out a way to make the perfect protein of oats and beans. It's full of goodness, locally produced, has a fibrous texture and can be used in the meals you already love. So now you can cook delicious dishes that leave a smile on your face, but no footprints (or hoof prints) on the planet. Enjoy you meal!



The perfect protein
for everyday meals

Locally produced of oats and beans

Our products

Our first product Gold&Green®
Pulled Oats® come in three tasty flavours.

Gold&Green shortly

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