For meals

Every meal we eat shapes the world we live in. We decided to be the change that the planet and our children need. Made from Nordic oats and legumes, Pulled Oats® is full of protein, but free of all additives. It’s the perfect ingredient for all the meals you love. It is rich in goodness, but free from compromises. Because planet-based food should be healthy & delicious!  

NATURALLY nutritious & delicious

The revolutionary new plant protein is born: a unique combination of Nordic oats, legumes & love. Its juicy and spicy-loving texture is perfect for frying, and it’s the perfect ingredient for all the meals you love. Tasty & nutritious.


Heartwarming and planet cooling recipes

So what makes a protein perfect?

Well, it’s got to be nutritious, delicious and easy to use – and on top of all that, it’s got to be good for the planet. Gold&Green Pulled Oats® is a vegan product that’s full of protein and minerals, contains fibre and is totally free of genetically manipulated ingredients, preservatives or other additives. Pulled Oats® is great for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians and pretty much anyone who wants to eat healthy to live healthy. You can use oats to cook anything your heart (and taste buds) desire. And if you suddenly find yourself starving and stretched for time, grab a ready-to-cook Oat burger or pan fried patty or Nordic Oatballs® that’s ready whenever you are. Pulled Oats® pack all the amino acids your body needs, and the production process uses way less water than it takes to produce meat.

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