For us it matters.

Fair and inclusive way of working

By 2030, Paulig’s ambition is that 100% of the raw materials from high-risk areas will come from sustainable sources verified by external parties. The aim is to be a fair and inclusive partner and employer throughout the whole value chain. 

As part of Paulig Group, we at Gold&Green strive to ensure sustainable practices in our own operations and in our collaboration with partners. Great products begin with great ingredients. The ingredients used in Gold&Green products are selected carefully, and the flavor is then perfected by all the love and care we put into the production process. But we don’t just want to create great products, we want to create them in a great way – for both people and the planet.

Working with our suppliers for the ultimate food experience

We know that changing people’s habits requires way more power than a small company has. That’s why we’ve gathered a well-working group of suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to work with us to create change. We aim to build lasting partnerships and reap long-term benefits – together we can accomplish so much more. 

The oats and faba bean that we use are grown in the Nordics, and our yellow pea originates from Central Europe.

From the very beginning, we’ve aimed to use local ingredients grown and refined by suppliers we can build a strong and sustainable relationship with. Luckily, there’s one particularly amazing crop that thrives here in the Nordics – oats!

Did you know that even though the entire cultivation area of Finnish oats is located north of the 60th latitude – about as far north as Greenland or Alaska – Finland produces 14% of all European oats and is the 2nd largest exporter of oats in the whole world? Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Our sourcing practices are guided by integrity. All of our ingredients are high quality and sourced as locally as possible. Suppliers and partners are selected carefully, and to ensure the high-quality of our ingredients and food safety, our suppliers are either audited or have certificates approved by the GFSI (The Global Food Safety Initiative). In addition, they all have to pass our risk analysis. Since the very beginning of our product development and production start, we’ve collaborated closely with our main suppliers, and we work together with them to improve the raw materials and processes to source and create the best possible products.

Requirements affecting the choice of ingredients include (in addition to high quality standards and local origin) things like taste, technological properties, availability, delivery performance and price. The availability of local ingredients is influenced by seasonal variations and the fact that not all of the ingredients we need are cultivated and produced in Finland or the Nordics (for example spices need to be imported from farther away).   

We want to work with suppliers who, like us, value also sustainable practices, and we’re working to develop our sourcing practices even further to ensure that our entire value chain is fair and inclusive – for us it matters. You can read more about managing sustainability and sustainable sourcing at Paulig’s website.

Food from the happiest place in the world

Gold&Green was born in Finland, where oats grow strong in the cold, harsh climate. They’re happy here, which makes sense when you consider that Finland is officially the happiest country in the world.

All Gold&Green products are produced in Finland and have received the Key Flag Symbol. The Key Flag Symbol guarantees that the products have been manufactured in Finland, which also creates local jobs.

Creating a purpose- driven organiZation where people can thrive

Finland is one of the most equal, fair and safe societies in the world – a lot like the environment here at Gold&Green. Here, a diverse group of backgrounds, cultures, ages and experience-levels all come together to make oat-magic. Everyone is welcome.

We’re grateful for our roots: we’ve had the freedom to pursue our vision to create products that can change the world. Our employees are the backbone of our company, and the company’s success is a result of their engagement and wellbeing. 

As a sign of a thriving company culture, we’re proud to say that most of our team members feel that innovative thinking and the search for new answers is encouraged within the organisation (64%), and that we strive for excellence (72%) in everything we do.

When we ask our employees to share the best thing about working at Gold&Green, many of them mention team work and that their work contributes to making the world a better place. 

Our company consists of a passionate group of people with diverse backgrounds, a team that has a common mission – to make a change, one meal at a time. 

Diversity is in our company’s DNA. From the very beginning, our team has been made up of professionals from all kinds of different backgrounds. We have a very multicultural working environment, with our 70 employees representing no less than 18 nationalities! This is incredibly valuable to us, as diversity helps us to see things from different perspectives and improves our company’s ability to enter new international markets and create world-class innovations.    

At Gold&Green we strive to promote equality and non-discrimination in all our operations. We see equality and non-discrimination as accepting and respecting people’s differences and as fair treatment. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to develop in a fair and safe environment, and we want to give them a reason to be proud of their employer.

  • The aim is to organize working conditions in the workplace in such way that they are suitable for all members of the work community.
  • We offer permanent employment agreements, as well as work opportunities for students, trainees, immigrants and asylum seekers. 
  • Our salary conditions are high above the legal minimum levels and wage equality is ensured in annual reviews.
  • We offer equal career opportunities for all of our employees by keeping the requirement processes open to all. 

As our team is passionately working to change the world, it’s important to nurture the health and wellbeing of our employees. We offer a high level of occupational healthcare services to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees. By continuously developing our safe ways of working, we’re happy to say that the level of occupational accidents at Gold&Green is very low.

We aim to make the world a little bit better every day

It’s our children who suffer most from climate change. Children are already in a weaker position than adults, and the climate crisis only makes it worse, restricting their rights on so many levels. Not to mention, it’s children (and future children) who will inherit a climate catastrophe that they had absolutely no hand in creating. We owe it to them to make a change. We want to change the world one meal at a time, and it’s important for us to actively participate in building a better future. That’s why we started a three-year partnership agreement for 2020–2022 with UNICEF Finland. Through the cooperation, we want to increase awareness of the significance of nutrition in the development of children and adolescents. We also want to educate people about the environmental effects that our food-related choices have, especially on children. The future belongs to children and adolescents, both near and far, and we strive to do our part to leave the best possible world for them.

UNICEF works all over the world to ensure children’s rights to health, protection, education and equality – also in crisis situations.