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Health and wellbeing of people and the planet

By 2030, Paulig aims to reach 70% of net sales from products and services that enable the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

As part of the Paulig Group, Gold&Green supports the transition to healthy, planet-friendly diets. We are on a mission to provide people with healthy, planet-friendly food, without compromising on taste. The food we eat has a great impact on our wellbeing, but it also plays a key role in global challenges like the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. As designers and food scientists, we are tackling this challenge head on by developing sustainable solutions that leave empty plates and happy faces around the table. We’re also working to reduce the carbon footprint of our products even further, and to inspire more people to explore just how delicious and easy sustainable choices can be.

“It is extremely gratifying to use our skills for something that will make people happy and have a long-term impact on the planet.”

Maija Itkonen, founder of Gold&Green Foods

Improving personal health while caring for the planet is easy

Plant-based foods have a positive impact on both the environment and your personal health. A diet rich in plant-based foods such as whole grain cereals, pulses, vegetables, nuts, fruits and berries, generally contains dietary fibre and is low in saturated fat. For example reducing consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to improving personal health, plants also have more far-reaching benefits. Shifting to a more plant-based diet is key to being able to provide healthy food for all while staying within our planetary boundaries.

Our heartwarming and planet-cooling protein makes changing the world easy and delicious

We believe in the power of Nordic plants and simple ingredients

From the very beginning, we realised that if we want to create food that’s going to change the world, it would have to be healthy, easy to prepare and – most importantly – mouth-wateringly delicious. By bringing together familiar ingredients from Nordic oats, yellow pea and faba bean, we created Pulled Oats® – an incredibly tasty high-protein product that’s easy to use in all your favourite dishes. Oats combined with legume proteins is the signature base of our products and the name of our company also reflects this unique combination.


We work constantly to develop tasty and nutritious products that have a simple ingredient list, with only familiar words, ingredients that people recognize. As a sign of its nutritional benefits, our hero product Pulled Oats® Nude has received The Finnish Heart Symbol, which indicates that it’s a better choice in its product group when it comes to fat (both quantity and quality) and salt. The newest members of our plant-based protein family are Deli OatBites. They are pre-marinated to make plant-based cooking as easy as possible, to inspire even more people to change their eating habits – one tasty meal at a time. Our product portfolio is 100 % plant-based, and we’ll continue to develop and create new products that are even better for both people and the planet.

All Gold&Green products are rich in protein and low in saturated fat. Reducing consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones – without forgetting the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

“Our mission is to make plant-based cooking as easy as possible. That’s why we chose ingredients that are naturally nutritious and familiar to us all.”

Made from simple &
familiar ingredients.


Refined by the harsh Nordic climate and the short growing season under the midnight sun, oats are loaded with amazing nutritional qualities and environmental benefits.

Nordic oats are the heart of our innovation. And it’s no wonder, since oats are packed with fibre and contain good unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and protein. But oats aren’t only highly nutritious, they’re also good for the environment. Oats have a relatively small carbon footprint and, unlike some other food cereals, and don’t require loads of pesticides or fertilizers. Because of the harsh winters, they are more resistant to plant diseases.

68% of the world’s oats is used to feed animals, whereas only 17% feeds directly us humans. In Finland, however, the human consumption of oats has doubled over the past decade.

Finland is well known for its oat research and developing health­-enhancing oat products.

Reducing food waste brings major health benefits for our planet

Can you believe that every year, about one third of all food produced for humans is wasted? All the resources that go into producing, packing, transporting and cooling this food generate tons of greenhouse gas emissions. And all for nothing.

We want to promote the sustainable future of food and do our part to solve the food waste problem. We are actively working to reduce our own food waste by monitoring losses at different stages of the production process and setting targets to reduce them. We’re constantly developing our operations and looking for new innovative ways to reduce food loss and waste. Biowaste generated in our processing is delivered as a raw material for biofuel production.

We also strive to forecast production batches as accurately as possible. However, if not all products produced end up being sold, we donate them to charity or collaborate with partners that fight food waste (like WeFood and the ResQ app). Since a large share of food waste is created in households, we also want to inspire and help consumers to make sustainable choices and minimize their own food waste.

Paulig Group supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030, and wants to be active in solving this global issue. Paulig and the University of Helsinki will launch a unique baseline study to research food loss in Paulig’s raw material supply chain and find new ways to reduce food loss. With the research-based knowledge obtained through the project, we will be able to develop the most effective raw material-specific measures to reduce food waste.

Every year, the average European causes 680 kg CO2-eq by throwing away food. That’s about the same amount as caused by a round-trip flight between Helsinki-Berlin.

In Finland, households waste 120–160 million kilograms of food (20–25 kilograms per person) every year.

What can we do to reduce food waste at home?

Skip grocery shopping for a day or three and empty your cupboards instead!

Leftovers? Freeze them before they go bad, and you have a superfast meal waiting for you when you need it.

Are your fruits or vegetables starting to look a little tired? Throw them into a delicious soup or smoothie!

Put ingredients that are about to go old in the front of the fridge or cupboard. That way, you’re more likely to remember to use them.


Product safety and quality is a fundamental part of our daily job and guides our processes – and the processes of our suppliers. Our production plant in Järvenpää has had a FSSC 22000 food safety system certificate since 2018, and our food safety management procedures are based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles. We’re continuously developing our processes and knowledge to improve the quality of the end product.

Breaking the meat habit, one meal at a time

Gold&Green Foods is part of the European Plant-based Foods Association (ENSA), which aims to make plant-based foods mainstream for healthier and more sustainable diets by raising awareness about these products amongst policy makers.