Pulled Oats® – an oatstanding way to drive sales

So, here’s the deal. We know how to make a totally world-class, plant-based protein alternative. And you know how to make world-class dishes.

You know, the kind of food that gets new customers lining up to eat at your restaurant and old ones falling in love all over again. Pulled Oats® is revolutionary! Really it is. Food that is going to change the world. A tall order, we know, but it is healthy, easy to prepare and – most importantly – mouth-wateringly delicious. Besides it has tons of amazing qualities.

The possibilities are endless. Our product is a truly flexible ingredient for quick meals, and the perfect solution for the rising consumer demand for carryout and family meals. We provide the industry with healthy, ecological and delicious ingredients without compromising on taste.


available at Sysco
under the name:
Sysco Simply
Plant-Based Protein

The ingredient list is short & simple:
oats, pea, fava bean, oil & salt.

Healthier tomorrow for people and the planet

Every meal we eat shapes the world we live in. The global food system is broken and we’re determined to be a big part of the solution.

The need for dietary change has become obvious as we have understood the massive impact that food has on people and the planet- We are optimistic about the future and dedicated to empowering people to change their eating habits – one tasty meal at a time.

Food is the simplest (and tastiest) way for consumers to fight climate change. Shifting to a more plant-based diet is key to being able to provide healthy food for all while staying within our planetary boundaries.

Join us on our delicious plant-based food revolution.

We will provide the knowledge & support to make your sales grow

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