Where can I buy Pulled Oats?

Pulled Oats is currently available for the Food Service market. For more information, please visit: www.ibafoodservice.com

Is Pulled Oats a meat replacement?

If you wish. You can use it instead of minced meat, pulled pork or chicken in most recipes. It has more fibres and protein than meat, and compared to other plant proteins (such as soy or seitan) it has a firm and tender texture, that soaks up the flavours and gets a nice chewiness. Pulled Oats has significantly lower loss in cooking compared to meats. Pulled Oats raw protein content is higher than meat, thus to create similar nutrition profile to product you need less of ingredient (up to 30%)

How do I prepare Pulled Oats?

1. Mix Pulled Oats™ with oil and spices. 2. Sauté on a medium heat for 5-6 min or spread on a baking sheet & bake for 7 mins at 340°F. 3. Add to the dish at the end of cooking.

How is Pulled Oats made?

Pulled Oats is made by mixing, grinding and heating together familiar ingredients from Nordic oats, yellow pea and fava bean. We treat our ingredients with the most respect by processing them as little as possible - the production process of Pulled Oats® is actually similar to a very controlled way of making bread. We work constantly to develop tasty and nutritious products that have a simple ingredient list. We always prefer natural flavouring and have succeeded to replace the most commonly used additives.

Health & Sustainability

Are Pulled Oats® and Deli OatBites vegan?

Yes, all plant-based!

Where do the oats and legumes of Pulled Oats grow?

The Pulled Oats® is made from European clean source oats and legumes. All raw materials are coming from audited traceable suppliers in Europe and mostly from the Nordic region.

Is Pulled Oats organic?

We want to produce products with a minimal climate impact. We only use the highest-quality ingredients and source them as locally as possible. Unfortunately we can't say that we're one hundred percent organic.

What makes Pulled Oats® a “perfect protein”?

Oats combined with legumes is the signature base of our products. This unique combination enables high-quality products that are naturally nutritious: high in protein and iron, source of fibre and low in saturated fat. Pulled Oats® is not only naturally rich in protein (30 %), but it also contains all nine essential amino acids, which makes it a so called "balanced protein". Amino acids are the building blocks of our body. Some of the amino acids are produced by our body, but some of the essential amino acids should come from our diet. We believe that the "perfect protein" should be delicious, nutritious & easy to use – and on top of all that, good for the planet.    

Why are amino acids so important?

Simply put: Amino acids are the building blocks in your body. There are many kinds of amino acids. Most of them can be created by the body itself, but not the nine so called "essential" ones. They need to come from our diet - preferably via a delicious meal made of Pulled Oats®.

Safety and Allergens

Is pulled oats gluten free?

Unfortunately there's no guarantee for that. The ingredients do not include gluten as such, but the mills we use may also handle wheat or barley.

Does the product contain any allergens?

We use oats that may contain traces of wheat, rye and barley. Allergens are always highlighted in the list of ingredients that make it easy for the user to identify them.

Is Pulled Oats® suitable for kids?

Yes! Both when it comes to nutrition and taste. The kids (1–17 years old) in our test groups have loved it!

Do Gold&Green® products contain any preservatives or other e-codes?

We work constantly to develop tasty and nutritious products that have a short and simple ingredient list - with only familiar words and ingredients that people recognize. We always prefer natural flavorings and have succeeded to replace the most commonly used additives. Our mission is to make plant-based cooking as easy as possible. That’s why we chose ingredients that are naturally nutritious and familiar to us all.