How to prepare Pulled Oats® – Tips & Tricks for Food Service

On the video our Chef Sam McCormick is introducing the Pulled Oats®.

How to succeed with Pulled Oats®

• Thaw before use
• Season generously – use more than you would with animal protein
• When pan frying, sauté spices and oil first, then add Pulled Oats®
• If the dish contains a lot of liquid, add Pulled Oats® in the last stage of cooking

Pulled Oats® and dry spices

Pulled Oats® and wet marinades

Roast in oven, fry in a pan, heat in sous vide,
steam table of microwave

Oven cooking – This works thawed or frozen. When thawed or frozen, if you are using dry spicing, do as you would do in a pan (oil and dry spices): mix well and heat without lid allowing moisture to evaporate, and same method with thick marinades. Both making sure heat is high enough to crisp but not burn. And also there should not be too much Pulled Oats in the tray (not too deep).

Skillet cooking/Sautéing – Same as above. Higher heat, but making sure not to burn, let it brown for 30 sec. and then give a mix and then let brown again… in only 2 minutes it will be ready.

Best heating methods – The best way to heat pulled oats is with dry spice and oil mix, or with high sugar thick marinades. It is best to avoid water usage or marinades with high water content.

Sous vide – This works for heating Pulled Oats. Using an oil spice marinade or a thick sweet marinade.

Steam table – As with all proteins certain dishes work better. Casserole dishes such as lasagna, shepherd’s pie, etc. work very well and hold the structure for the 4 hours. Same with stir-fry dishes (making sure that the Pulled Oats are nicely crisped).

Microwave – Covered or not covered it works to heat. But uncovered is the better option, so steam does not build up. But it does work covered as well as the heating time is so quick.

things to avoid with PULLED OATS®

• Adding water
• Using in soups
• Slow cooking

Basics about handling the product

• Store in a freezer (0°F or below)
• Defrost individual unopened packages in
refrigerator, do not refreeze
• Store in refrigerator +36—43 °F
• Use within 3 days.


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