New Plant Protein


Pulled Oats® is simply the perfect protein. And that’s not only because it’s mouth-wateringly yummy and easy to add to pretty much any dish. Its perfection also comes from the fact that it’s clean and sustainable. Pulled Oats® contains absolutely no animal-based or genetically manipulated ingredients, no additives, fillers, preservatives or any other weird stuff that some food producers add to their products. Nada, zip, zero! Pulled Oats® is pure good. And you can count all of its ingredients on one hand.


First of all, we don’t like bragging. But with Pulled Oats having so many good qualities, “the perfect protein” is the best way to sum it up. Of course, we could say “the plant-based protein that has minimal impact on the environment, is locally produced, contains fibres and minerals and more protein than chicken, including all essential amino acids, but doesn’t have a trace of additives or animals in it, and upon all that tastes delicious”. But it’s just not as catchy. And that’s still the short version. Read on for the long one.


It’s no secret that oats have amazing nutritional qualities.

– Oats contain lots of fibres, which are good for your digestion and your heart, among other things. – Oats are rich in iron, which can not only be forged into medieval swords, but is also necessary for your body.

Now, because Pulled Oats is not only made of oats, but is a unique tailored composition of oats, faba beans and yellow peas, it’s packed with even more benefits for your body. Like these:

– It contains around five grams of fat. And those are good unsaturated fats. – It contains approximately 30 grams of protein. That’s more protein than beef or chicken. – It contains all nine essential amino acids, and is thereby a so-called “complete protein”.

And in addition, it’s completely free from GMOs or preservatives, filling agents and other additives, animals or other strange things some producers like to make their food of.

So regardless if you’re pumping iron like Arnold, or just want to have a healthy body and a sharp mind, Pulled Oats truly is the perfect protein for your everyday meals.


The sole reason we set out on this crazy journey to create an oat-based protein, was the lack of deliciousness in the world of plant-based proteins. And the overwhelming comments, awards and smiles we’ve received are proof that we’ve succeeded.

Thanks to the mechanical process of actually pulling the oat-fibres with legume proteins, Pulled Oats has got a fibrous texture. This gives it a nice, juicy character and a chewiness with just the right resistance.

“Does it taste like oatmeal?” No. The taste is mild and tender. It’s nice to fry and just gobble straight from the frying pan, but it’s even better to use as the base in a meal, where it soaks up the flavours from whatever you cook.

Our Nude version comes without seasoning, so if you love to cook and spice, that’s a great choice. But if you want to take a shortcut in the kitchen we also have flavoured versions. These may vary depending on season, so keep your eyes open for pleasant surprises.


What we choose to eat has a huge impact on the world. The production of traditional cooking-protein requires huge amounts of farmlands, water and transportation, which lead to deforestation, droughts and greenhouse gases (the perfect recipe for global warming). Not to mention quite a bunch of not-so-happy animals.

Oats, on the other hand, are one of the most ecological crops you can grow. It provides a lot of nutrition on a little piece of land and promotes crop rotation and decreases detrimental monoculture. And because we grow it all in the Nordic countries, we know it’s made with care for the soil and workers, and requires minimal transportation.

Beans and peas are also efficient foods (if we eat it directly, instead of feeding it to animals and eat it second hand). Because of limited availability of the legume fractions in the Nordic countries we’re importing some of it from responsible manufacturers from Central Europe, but our ambition is to have these 100% locally produced too. We’re working on it.