What a week! We decided to test out our product Pulled Oats® in the most meat-loving place on the planet: TEXAS! We brought the revolutionary plant-based protein boldly to SXSW, Austin, Texas. Pulled Oats® Meze balls and Miniburgers were a success.

Pulled Oats® is the first product in the world that brings together Nordic oats, fava beans and yellow peas to create a scientifically proven health bomb that has more protein and less fat than chicken, beef or pork.

Pulled Oats® were served up at four events at SXSW and both locals and visitors from around the world were blown away. Hardcore meat-lovers like cattle farmers and hunters loved the vegan option and said they’d love to see it on the US market. “I usually don’t like vegetarian products that try to imitate meat. But this one had excellent texture and taste. Great burgers – I really love your product,” one cowboy said.

We asked 151 SXSW visitors about their eating habits and a whopping 59 % identified as flexitarians, 19 % as vegetarians and 22 % as meat-lovers and 94 % of people who tasted the Pulled Oats® said they would recommend it to their friends and look forward to buying and eating more of it.

Pulled Oats® is a Nordic innovation that’s already taken its home-country of Finland by storm. When it hit the local market, the product literally flew off the shelves and hundreds of people lined up outside of supermarkets to get theirs. Pulled Oats® will be available in the US later on this year.

Pulled Oats® is completely free of soy, wheat, GMO and additive. It only contains five ingredients: oats, pea protein, fava bean protein, cold-pressed canola oil and salt. “The process we use to make it is completely mechanical, which means we don’t use any chemicals or additives,” says Maija Itkonen, the CEO of Gold&Green Foods. Ltd.
Gold&Green Foods Ltd is a company founded by Maija Itkonen, Reetta Kivelä and Zhongqing Jiang in 2015, with the aim of developing innovative, ecological and healthy foods from oats and legumes.

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