Pulled Oats® available in five METRO wholesale stores on the start-up shelf on 11/28/2019


Pulled Oats® by Gold&Green was picked for the NX-Food (Next Generation Food) startup programme run by the German METRO Group. This means that METRO Cash & Carry wholesalers in five German cities will be selling Pulled Oats® Nude for four months.

Pulled Oats® Nude products will be available at METRO Cash & Carry wholesalers in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Düsseldorf, Hamburg-Altona, Munich-Pasing and Korntal from 28 November onward.

The Finnish innovation prevailed in an initial selection from the top 10 chosen startups and won the jury over as a responsibly produced meat alternative.

As part of the NX-Food startup programme, Gold&Green Foods will also arrange tastings at the wholesalers to offer customers more information about the diverse properties of the Pulled Oats® products.

“The jury was excited about the diversity and sustainability of Pulled Oats. We offered tacos filled with Pulled Oats as well as traditional rye and malt bread with a Pulled Oats Skagen spread. The product can be used everywhere, from fine dining restaurants to street eateries,” says Maija Itkonen, CEO of Gold&Green Foods, and continues:

“Germany is a very interesting market, since it has more vegetarians than any other country in Europe. Last year, the number of vegetarians in the country exceeded 6.3 million*”.

Pull for Nordic oats around the world

The demand for plant-based proteins and environmentally friendly products is seeing strong worldwide growth. In summer 2019, Pulled Oats®, developed in Finland, was launched as a retail product in the Netherlands and was put on the Taco Bell menu in all of Spain’s 53 Taco Bell restaurants.

The Finnish favourite is also available as catering products in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland.

In spring 2019, Pulled Oats® Nude was also granted the Heart Symbol, which indicates that a product is a better option for the health. The Heart Symbol is only awarded to foods containing good fats and reduced amounts of salt.

Browse recipes for Pulled Oats and read more in the Zeit Magazin article, where Maija Itkonen talks about Pulled Oats.

*) Statista 2018 Germany 2019 January, Statista

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