How is Pulled oats made?

Pulled Oats is made of Nordic oats, faba beans and yellow peas. The process we use to make it is completely mechanical (such as mixing, pressing and heating), which means we don't need to use any chemicals or additives. However, we do add some stuff to our flavoured versions, but that's only pure spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables. If it tastes like basil, tomato or lime, it's because we've added real basil, tomato or lime.

Why don’t you use soy or wheat?

Two reasons. The first is because our product simply is better the way we do it today, with just oats, faba beans and peas. Regarding flavour as well as texture, nutrition and the environment. The other reason is that many people want to avoid gluten and soy for different reasons. So we thought we could just as well avoid it too.

Is Pulled Oats a meat replacement?

If you wish. You can use it instead of minced meat, pulled pork or chicken in most recipes. It has more fibre and protein and a better fat composition than meat. Compared to other plant proteins (such as soy or seitan) it has a firm and tender texture, that soaks up the flavours and gets a nice chewiness. Pulled Oats® is a protein that does not mimic anything, but is a true plant-based alternative that stands on its own.

How do I prepare Pulled Oats?

The easiest way is to heat it in a frying pan with some oil or in the oven. But feel free to experiment. It’s also edible as it is.

Where can I buy Pulled Oats?

Pulled Oats is currently available in supermarkets in Finland and Netherlands. Also we are currently active in the following markets in the Food Service sector: FI, SE, NO, DK, UK, IR, NL, BE, DE, ES and USA. 

Healthiness & Nutrition

Is pulled oats vegan?

Yes, one hundred percent.

Why do some of the Pulled Oats have a lot of salt?

Beans and peas contain a lot of natrium naturally, which raises the salt level. We have decreased the amount of salt in Pulled Oats Nude, so that you can spice your food according to you own taste.

Is Pulled Oats organic?

We want our products to have as little impact on the environment as possible. That's why we use Nordic oats and beans, and responsibly manufactured, traceable peas from Europe (until we can get them too from local producers). Unfortunately we can't say that we're one hundred percent organic yet, since all the ingredients we need aren't available as organic. But we're working on it.

Where do the oats and beans of Pulled Oats grow?

We only use the highest-quality ingredients and source them as locally as possible. Our oats and beans grow in the clean Nordic nature and our peas are originated from a responsible manufacturer from Central Europe.  

What makes Pulled Oats a perfect protein?

Pulled Oats is not only rich in protein (over 30%), but it also contains all nine essential amino acids, which makes it a so called "complete protein". Pulled Oats is made from the unique combination of oats and legumes and is thereby a high-quality plant protein that is naturally rich in iron, low in saturated fat and contains fibre, potassium and all the essential amino acids in sufficient amounts.

Why are amino acids so important?

All proteins are not the same. Unlike many other plant proteins, the protein in our products contains a sufficient amount of all the essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition. Amino acids are the building blocks of our body. There are many kinds of amino acids. Most of them can be created by the body itself, but not the nine so called "essential" ones. They need to come from our diet, preferably via a delicious meal made of Pulled Oats.

Safety and Allergens

Is pulled oats gluten free?

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee for that. We use oats that may contain traces of wheat, rye and barley. The ingredients do not include gluten as such, but they are processed in mills that may also handle grains containing gluten. That means our product may contain traces of gluten. We are actively exploring the possibility of producing a gluten free product. 

Does the product contain any allergens?

Our products are made of oats that may contain traces of wheat, rye and barley, because the mills we use may also handle other grains. Allergens are always highlighted in the list of ingredients to make it easy for the user to identify them.

Are there any GMO ingredients in Pulled Oats?

No. Not now, not ever.

Is Pulled Oats suitable for kids?

Yes! Both when it comes to nutrition and taste. The kids (1–17 years old) in our test groups have loved it.

Does Pulled Oats contain any preservatives or other e-codes?

No. The ingredient list is short and sweet without any e-codes or other junk.