Food service Products

Consumers are increasingly aware of what’s in their food so we have made this easy for you with our products containing only simple & familiar ingredients. Made from the unique combination of Nordic oats, faba bean and pea – Pulled Oats® and Deli OatBites are versatile, delicious and easy-to-use products with many nutritious properties. They are made in Finland from carefully selected plant-based ingredients. This is why they are the perfect choice for everyone from hard-core vegans to not-so-sure flexitarians.

Packed with high quality plant based protein, rich in fibre

Super versatile and absorbs flavour well

Protein, healthy fibers & energy

Tender and chewy structure gives delicious mouthfeel

Oats is a superfood: familiar and trusted, pure & sustainable source of good quality

Pre-cooked, fast and easy to use

Join us on our delicious plant-based food revolution!

Beyond being an efficient meat replacement in any dish, these 100% animal-free products are extremely versatile across the menu. They are perfect for a variety of plant-based menu items, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Our solutions fulfill the most demanding needs of the modern food industry.