Gold&Green Foods was awarded with the SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Sustainable Product Award for their delicious plant-based protein Pulled Oats®. The SEAL Sustainable Product Award honors innovative and impactful products that are literally “purpose-built” for a sustainable future. Award applicants were judged on the following criteria: Impact metrics, innovation/uniqueness of the product, and its ability to inspire sustainable change.

Pulled Oats® combines Nordic oats with faba beans and yellow peas resulting in a protein-rich, plant-based crumble with a meaty “pulled” texture. This unique combination of oats and legumes enables products that is naturally a source of fiber and an excellent source of protein with 30 grams of protein per 100 gand is low in saturated fat. The ingredient list is short and simple: oats, pea, faba bean, oil & salt.

Not only is Pulled Oats® a highly nutritious, clean label protein, but it is also sustainable. Pulled Oats® is made from carefully selected climate-friendly ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. Heart of the innovation is the use of Nordic oats, which are loaded with amazing nutritional qualities and are one of the most environmentally friendly crops on the planet. Oats have a small carbon footprint and don’t require loads of pesticides or fertilizers. Because of the harsh winters in the Nordics, they are more resistant to plant diseases.

“Gold&Green’s mission is to provide people with healthy and planet-friendly food without compromising taste. Our hope is that people will see how easy it is to make more environmentally-conscious changes in their diet, they can make similar changes in all aspects of their life,” said Maija Itkonen, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder of Gold&Green Foods. “We are honored to have been recognized by the SEAL Awards for the sustainability of Pulled Oats®.”

The carbon footprint of climate-friendly Pulled Oats® is between 2.3 kg-3.5 kg CO2e/kg, depending on the packaging size and target market. The calculation includes all substantial and relevant stages that cause greenhouse gas emissions, from primary production to finished product and transport to the first customer. The water footprint of Pulled Oats® is 1370 l/kg, which is around half the water footprint of chicken and one-tenth the water footprint of beef.

The Gold&Green Foods factory in, Finland is certified CarbonNeutral® by Natural Capital Partners in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the leading global framework for carbon neutrality. In 2020, the factory switched to sourcing renewable wind electricity, which reduced the greenhouse gas emissions from production by 96%. The remaining emissions from steam production, refrigerant leaks and generated waste have been offset by funding third-party verified forest conservation and reforestation projects. Gold&Green® Foods aims to be a frontrunner in sustainability and the company is always looking for ways to do even better when it comes to saving the planet for future generations.

“Sustainability, transparency and nutrition have always been our top priority at Gold&Green Foods. In addition to creating naturally nutritious products that have minimal impact on the environment, we also continuously work to ensure sustainable practices throughout our business,” said Maija Itkonen.

Earlier this month in Finland the inventors of Pulled Oats®, Maija Itkonen, Zhong-Qing Jiang and Reetta Kivelä, received The Sininen pallo (Blue Globe) award with the inventors of Härkis as recognition of the groundbreaking work that helps to solve the environmental crisis. The Blue Globe award celebrates the builders of hope and a more sustainable future and was granted above all for permanently changing Finnish eating habits.

About Pulled Oats®
Pulled Oats® by Gold&Green is a Finnish innovation and the vegan game-changer; a plant-based product made from Nordic oats and legumes. The ingredient list is short & simple: water, oats, faba bean and pea protein, oil & salt. Made with a unique combination of three plant protein sources, Pulled Oats® is not only highly nutritious but also sustainable – and most importantly delicious! This naturally nutritious and versatile plant-based protein loves spices, has a delicious juicy texture and is easy to prepare. It makes planet-friendly cooking simple and delicious. Read more:

About the SEAL Awards
SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards is an environmental advocacy organization that honors leadership through its business sustainability awards and environmental journalism awards while funding research and pursuing environmental impact campaigns. The SEAL Sustainable Product Award honors innovative and impactful products that are literally “purpose-built” for a sustainable future. Read more and find out the other winners:

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