As one part of the preparations for the international launch we brushed up our brand to better reflect what we really are. We asked Finnish artist Toni Halonen to capture the success story of Gold&Green and the Pulled Oats® innovation in one inspiring illustration.

He came up with the Beast, which is now shown in all product packages. Through the new brand identity we explain the soul of G&G: the patented technology forming the basis of new generation plant proteins, the perfect protein that is the core of all our products, and the amazing response from our fans all the way through.

The new brand is based on an expressive, playful design language that has an edgy, unpredictable vibe and an authentic Nordic twist matching the lifestyle of the growing consumer groups from athletes, vegans to flexitarians – people who want to enjoy their everyday meals with the best protein source available without messing with the planet.

Along with our branding work we have renewed our packaging materials and aligned to use recycled materials as much as possible in our packaging. Our new streamlined tray is made of recycled PET bottles apart from the layers that are in touch with the product. Our new sleeve is made from industry waste material. We even make our t-shirts and tote bags from textile waste.

We’re launching Pulled Oats® internationally in September, and we are so excited and proud to take this unique Finnish innovation overseas as Gold&Green of Helsinki.

Sweden is the first market abroad, as we simultaneously build a partner network across the globe. So hold on the perfect protein for any food loving predator is soon headed you way!