The Gold&Green family has grown as we have celebrated the birth of our super productive co-founder Maija’s beautiful twins and welcomed our new CEO Tina Hansen to the family. As Maija focuses on baby bottles for a while, Tina focuses on building the international growth for the company.

When Tina was seven she dreamed about becoming a truck driver. It didn’t go quite as planned since she’s best known from her experiences in innovative and playful companies such as Lego and is joining the company’s leadership team and strengthening Gold&Green even more with her international sales and marketing knowhow. We did a short interview with Tina to hear her thoughts on becoming a part of the Gold&Green family:

What are your goals at Gold&Green

My goals are to ensure that Gold&Green continues on its fantastic and exciting growth journey with a strong organization consisting of highly motivated and happy employees. Another goal is to create some clear structure and ways of working to help support the future growth as well as the globalization plans.

How do you get things done? 

I work with prioritization matrices, endless to do lists & by just diving in and doing stuff. 

What is the biggest challenge in the job? 

How to ensure that we become more structured and organized without losing the agility and flexibility of a startup company.

Why do you think G&G has achieved all this in just a bit over 2 years?

I believe Gold&Green has reached this amazing success because of the passion and persistence that the founders display, which is now a signature of the entire G&G team. The core team put endless hours into research in order to truly understand the needs and preferences of the target group. Our motto “For us it matters” truly captures the essence of Gold&Green values. Founders Reetta and Maija together with the core team have put their heart and soul into the company in order to develop the perfect plant protein in world record time – from the idea 24 months later the Järvenpää production facility is already up and running.

What do you do in your spare time? 

Travel the world with my amazing husband (when I can) and I go running and mushroom picking

Where do you see G&G in five years

I see Gold&Green as the frontend technology company that succeeded in creating the international phenomena “Pulled Oats” that beat the meat habit and that is still continuing to produce truly mindblowing innovations within the food sector.

What is your favorit Nyhtökaura recipe?  

The North African couscous salad and pasta Bolognese

Fact File:

  • Tina Hansen
  • Family – danish pilot and two teenage boys, Oliver 18 and Kevin 15 and black mongrel, Maggie
  • Work experience – different sales and marketing leadership positions in companies such as Paulig, LEGO, Arvid Nordquist (Del Monte, Chupa Chups, Fisherman’s Friend, Maille,..)