Sustainable food startup Gold&Green Foods was founded in 2015 by one designer and two food scientists, Maija Itkonen, Reetta Kivelä and Jiang Zhong-qing. Pulled Oats® has been in the market for just over a year and during that time, the unique innovation has expanded into a product line and found its way from the hard-to-find trendy product to all the stores around Finland and thus into everyday cooking.

As our factory in Järvenpää has been devoted to full scale production we have built a new DesignLab to bring together our product development and office employees. We have an amazing 500m2 space in Arabia, an area with a strong history in design in the midst of Helsinki. The building is an old industry space that we have transformed into a miniature Pulled Oats® factory where we can experiment, create and test all the ideas our amazing R&D team generates. In addition to a lab, sensory lab and test kitchen, we also have a concept lab for testing out prototypes and ideas in process together with our CoDeveloper tester group consisting of Gold&Green fans.

Believe it or not, the equipment is the same that we used to make the actual Pulled Oats® with during the last winter! We are so proud and excited about our new spaces that truly reflect us as a design driven technology company. We will continue to invest in creating new technologies as we simultaneously apply the existing technology to new products. Do come and pop by for a visit, if you’re in town!