Our novelty Deli OatBITES makes it one more step simpler to enjoy flavourful vegetarian food


Deli OatBites is an easy-to-use, tasty ingredient for vegetarian food. Deli OatBites is a new type of ready-to-use delicious protein, made using a marinating process from raw materials familiar from Pulled Oats®: oats and legumes.

One hundred grams of marinated Deli OatBites includes 27 grams of plant-based protein, and the product is packed in 120 gram bags, sufficient for 2 to 3 persons. The intense taste and soft, pleasant texture makes the new product an ideal filling for example for pizza, toasted sandwiches, salads or tacos. Today, consumers expect fast food to be not only fast but also nutritious and sustainable. We were not afraid to take on the challenge!

“The hectic pace of everyday life makes uncomplicated food for the whole family increasingly important. One of the major obstacles for eating vegetarian food is the fear that the final result simply does not taste good. At Gold&Green, we want everyone to succeed in preparing vegetarian food. That is why we developed Deli OatBites, a new type of ready-to-use plant-based protein, seasoned by marinating,” says Gold&Green Foods CEO Maija Itkonen, speaking about the novelty and adds: “Deli OatBites’ world of flavours is ideal for hurried foodies wishing to select high-quality, environment-friendly food ingredients in which the taste and nutritional values are high quality.”

So let us introduce you: Deli OatBites (120 g) in two flavours: Smoky-BBQ and Chili-Ginger. Available in Finland.

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