Nacho platter

The nacho platter is the king of Tex Mex and a favorite snack. Take it to another level with protein rich Pulled Oats® Tomato.


  • 240 g of Pulled Oats® Tomato
  • 1 tsp paprika powder
  • ½ tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 red onion
  • 250 g cherry tomatoes
  • 200 g nachos
  • 1 jar salsa sauce
  • 250 g grated cheddar cheese
  • 1 tin Jalapenos


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Thinly slice red onion and halve the cherry tomatoes. Season the Pulled Oats with paprika powder, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.
  2. Line an oven pan with parchment paper and spread most of the nachos on the pan. Add Salsa sauce, grated cheese, Pulled Oats, onion, tomato, and jalapeños. Repeat with another layer.
  3. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes until the cheese melts and turns golden.
  4. Serve warm with guacamole.

Categories: American, Appetizer, Everyday food, Main Dish, Mexican, Snack, Tacos, Tortillas, Vegetarian

In this recipe we used: Pulled Oats® Tomato 240 g