In the fourth episode of this interview series, we interview some of the team members of Brand & Marketing team at Gold&Green in Finland. Our conversation with Anna-Mia, Laura and Riikka takes place via video call. Anna-Mia is Brand & Concept Manager and works closely with the R&D team as well. Laura started out at the R&D team and now works as Communications Manager. Riikka is the Art Director and started working for Gold&Green as freelancer, for the past 3 years she has been working at the company. The three women talk very passionately about their work. They like the atmosphere in the team and keep getting surprised by the things they get done. “Every week there is something to be proud of.”

“Green is the new black”

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you end up working for Gold&Green and what do you like about it?

Anna-Mia: “I’ve been following Gold&Green since the very beginning. I share the company’s goals and I like the way of working and the atmosphere at our workplace.” Riikka agrees that the goal behind the company is very important. “I couldn’t work for a non-sustainable company.” She also shares the story of how she started working for Gold&Green. “My first job here was as freelancer and I was asked to paint the Gold&Green tiger on the wall in the office. They liked it, and now I’ve been working here for 3 years!”

What do you like about Pulled Oats, and do you have any favourite recipes to share?

Riikka likes the product because of the texture and for the fact that you can spice it in any way you like. Laura shares her favourite dishes with Pulled Oats: “I love making tacos and a vegan version of toast Skagen!” Anna-Mia has a favourite recipe for a special reason: “I like cooking pasta Bolognese with Pulled Oats because I have some teenagers at home who are not very much into plant-based meals. This way, I can secretly introduce plant-based food to my suspicious teenagers!”

You mention quite some plant-based meals. Do you eat plant-based a lot?

Anna-Mia shares her personal story. “I have worked with companies in the meat industry in the past, so I’ve seen how things go in that industry. I didn’t want to support that anymore, so I rarely eat meat nowadays.” Riikka participated in Meatless October a few years ago, and afterwards she found out that she had no reason to go back to eating meat. “I learned many new recipes and it quickly became a habit.” Laura is flexitarian and mainly eats plant-based. “I eat Pulled Oats a few times a week!”

Speaking of Pulled Oats, to what do you think the product owes its success?

Laura shares her thoughts on this: “Pulled Oats immediately became a very big thing in Finland. It was the first revolutionary plant-based Finnish protein product and the first plant-based product that uses oats as the main ingredient. The story is very inspiring as well: two Finnish women come up with an idea and make it into this great product. It was amazing that people were queuing in front of the supermarkets, this had never been seen in Finland before.” Anna-Mia adds: “I think the success is built on our shared passion and hard work. It took 24 months from lab desk to a food phenomenon and industrial production in Finland!”

It sure sounds like a unique product and company. What makes your company and team stand out from others?

Anna-Mia: “What is unique about the company is that we work as a family. This becomes even stronger in difficult times like these. When we were in lockdown, our internal communication increased a lot, we had daily meetings. We discussed openly about the situation and made sure no one was left alone. I think it’s very special that we still work this way, even though the company has grown quite a lot.”

Riikka: “It doesn’t really feel like a workplace. We all have a strong, common ambition. Our team is very small, but we get so much done in so little time! Every week we achieve new goals and there is always something to be proud of.”

Laura shares a good example of this teamwork. “A few years ago, part of our team was attending an event in Paris, and the others were at a food and wine exhibition in Finland. With only three people we had to build a stand from scratch. We built all night with hammers and drills. It turned out to be the prettiest stand we’ve ever had. It really was girl power at its best!” Anna-Mia thinks this shows the situation at work well. “Everything we do needs to be built from scratch; nothing is a given. We learn by doing and we don’t stop before we’re 110% satisfied with our work.”

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future of Gold&Green?

Laura: “International success for sure! It would be amazing to do even more collaborations with other companies and organizations that share our mission. Together we can build a more sustainable food system.” Anna Mia has this ambition as well: “Yes, our goal is to change the world one meal at the time, and eventually to turn a really enthusiastic meat lover into a loyal customer of Gold&Green. But we think that it is extremely important to keep our attitude and atmosphere through our growth plans. Only then we’ve succeeded.”


Anna-Mia Myllykangas

• Brand and Concept
• Tries to introduce
plant-based food to her
suspicious teenagers
• Loves hiking and gardening
at her allotment garden

Laura Toppinen

Laura Toppinen
• Communications Manager
• Eats Pulled Oats a few
times a week
• Loves puppies, spending
time outdoors and taking
morning swims in the sea

Riikka Hoskola

• Art Director
• Loves vintage and second
hand clothes and furniture
• Likes making Tex Mex dishes
with Pulled Oats


Pulled Oats Nude or Pulled Oats Tomato?

They’re on the same team on this one: they all prefer Pulled Oats Nude. They like the versatility of the product and being able to make any meal with it.

Vegan or flexitarian?

They all go for flexitarian. Laura: “If everyone would be flexitarian, it could really make a difference in climate and health issues.”

Sun or snow?

Riikka and Anna-Mia choose the same: sun. Riikka: “I choose sun because I love surfing!” Laura prefers both, since she loves skiing in the winter time. 

Gold or green?

Riikka chooses gold, because she lovesshiny and glittery things. Laura and Anna- Mia prefers green because of its relation to sustainability. “Green is the new black!”

Healthy or tasty?

They think this is a difficult question, but in the end they choose tasty. But they prefer combining the two!