plant protein for industry

Pulled Oats® is a delicious plant-based protein made from the natural goodness of golden oats and green legumes. The ingredient list is short & simple: Nordic oats, faba bean and pea protein, oil & salt. Naturally nutritious and vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Pre-cooked, Pulled Oats® can be eaten hot or cold and used in ready-cooked dishes, making them ideal for sandwiches, wraps, food-to-go and ready meals. Non-flavoured, these absorbent oats take on the flavour of any cuisine from Italian and Indian to Chinese, to bring out flavour perfection in a range of recipes and products.

Finnish founders, Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä wanted to create a product that was going to change the world, be healthy, tasty and delicious. Pulled Oats® is for meals that matter.

For our customers the possibilities are endless and simple. Our product is a truly flexible ingredient for ready meals, for food to go and is a perfect solution for industry.

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how it’s made

Pulled Oats® are made by mechanically heating and abrading the ingredients. It’s a technical and groundbreaking process which is patented so we’re not going to say any more! Shh!

We provide the industry with healthy, ecological and delicious ingredients without compromising on taste. Customers can lower their climate impact just by replacing meat with delicious plant-based
options and we offer just that.

This is just the beginning for us, we will continue to innovate and launch products that are good for us and the planet. Watch this space!

the perfect plant protein for industry

Made from simple & naturalLY NUTRITIOUS ingredients

super versatile and absorbs flavour well

SOURCE OF fibre and minerals, low in saturated fat


packed with quality plant-based protein and all the essential amino acids

Pre-cooked, fast aND easy to use


What we choose to eat has a huge impact on the world. The production of traditional cooking-protein requires huge amounts of farmlands, water and transportation, which leads to deforestation, draughts and greenhouse gases (the perfect recipe for global warming). Not to mention a bunch of not-so-happy animals.

Oats, on the other hand, are one of the most ecological crops you can grow. When it comes to oats we choose Nordic! The harsh, Nordic climate is not for everyone, but oats thrive in it! Oats love our short growing seasons, long freezing winters and magical midnight sun. Oats have a relatively small carbon footprint and, unlike some other food cereals, and don’t require loads of pesticides or fertilizers. Because of the harsh winters, they are more resistant to plant diseases.

There is limited availability of the legume in the Nordic countries so we’re importing some of it from Central Europe. We only use the highest-quality ingredients and source them as locally as possible.

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So how did this whole oat thing get started? It all started at 10,000 feet.