Pulled Oats® love spices and can be used just like you’d use minced meat in everything from casseroles to tacos to pasta dishes and beyond. Choose the mild Natural or Tomato version for all your favorite everyday dishes

Made from Nordic oats and legumes, Pulled Oats® is full of protein, but free of all additives and e-codes. Its juicy texture is just right for frying, and the deliciously mild taste makes Pulled Oats® the perfect ingredient for everything from your favorite comfort foods to culinary masterpieces. Use Pulled Oats® to make pizza, pasta, casseroles, sushi rolls, tacos or tagines – the sky’s… no, actually there is no limit! So what’s for dinner tonight? How about a veggie burger, veggie risotto, veggie pasta or one of our most popular recipes ever – veggie lasagna?