Protein ingredients

Gold&Green® Protein Granules and Flakes are a unique and nutritious composition of oat bran, pea & faba bean protein. They enable you to develop high protein foods with delicious texture and excellent nutritional values.

The nutrition and protein from oat, pea and faba bean protein makes our Protein Ingredients a much milder in flavours and suitable for multiple application possibilities.


Unique composition of oat bran, pea and faba bean protein.

Meet our newcomers! Gold&Green® Protein Ingredients are a unique composition of oat bran, pea and faba bean protein. Because of their excellent qualities and neutral flavor, Gold&Green® Protein Granules and Flakes are suitable in multiple applications. They can be used in formed products such as burgers, veggie patties, balls and falafels, fillings in pastries, pies and dumplings. They provide nutrition and texture in dairy alternatives and are also a perfect protein source for sweet and savory bakery products.

Protein granule

Best suited for: Provides texture and nutrition
in baking, pie fillings, smoothies and granola

Protein flake

Best suited for: Mealinizing nutrition for
formed products, ready made meals, granola,
sandwich fillings and pizza topping

Excellent qualitites to be used in multiple applications:

  1. Mild base flavor profile, ready for seasoning and flavoring
  2. Neutral flavor allowing multiple application possibilities, including bakery products and dairy alternatives
  3. Different textures possible: crispy or chewy bits
  4. Non floury, delicious consistency
  5. Clean label product, only three nutritious ingredients, no additives
  6. High protein content
  7. High in fibre and minerals

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