Deli Oats™ Smoke-BBQ, 1.5 kg, frozen. COMING SOON

Deli OatBites is a new kind of marinated ready-to-go plant protein made from Nordic oats and legumes. Frozen Smoke BBQ marinated Deli OatBites is a combination of full-bodied sweetness and intensive smokiness.

With Deli OatBites you can prepare a nutritious plant-based meal filled with protein and flavour in just minutes. These firm, tasty and nutritious bites can be served in a variety of dishes and as a topping. It’s perfect in woks, tacos, pizzas and salads. Deli OatBites is full of protein, iron and potassium, a source of fibre and low in saturated fat.

Frozen Deli OatBites does not require separate cooking after defrosting and can be used as such. Use right out of the package or fry in a pan for two minutes.

All Gold&Green® products are made in Finland from high-quality and climate-friendly ingredients. For meals that matter.

Table of Goodness


Oat, pea and faba bean based protein flakes: oat bran, pea protein, faba bean protein, iodised salt. BBQ marinade: tomato purée, syrup, rapeseed oil, white wine vinegar, concentrated onion juice, iodised salt, garlic powder, natural flavouring, smoke flavouring, ground black pepper.

Contains oat bran 17 %, pea protein 16 % and faba bean protein 16 %.

We use oats that may contain traces of wheat, rye and barley.

Store freezed like the Nordic climate.

Frozen product. Store at -18 °C or below. Defrost in refrigerator. Once defrosted, do not refreeze. Store in the refrigerator after defrosting, use within 3 days.

Nutritional content / 100g

  • Energy kJ/316 kcal
  • Fat12 g
  • of which saturates1.0 g
  • Carbohydrate21 g
  • of which sugars11 g
  • Fibre4.9 g
  • Protein27 g
  • Salt1.9 g
  • Iron5.6 mg (40 %*)
  • Potassium720 mg (36 %*)
  • *Daily Reference Intake
Beta-glucan: 1.9%
Nutritional information and table of contents may differ slightly on the website. Always refer to the packaging for correct information.